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I design tools for Analytics Cloud, a product that helps people at organizations like the NFL, Coca-Cola, and Under Armour turn data into meaningful and relevant stories. This enables people to better understand their data and make well-informed decisions.


User Experience Designer, Intern

I'm currently completing an 8-month internship at SAP in Vancouver, Canada. I'm part of the User Experience Design team within Analytics Cloud. Our product helps people turn their organization's data into stories and visualizations at scale, allowing for better understanding, planning, and decision making.

Specifically, I design tools to improve the experience for people accessing, correcting, and analyzing their organization's data. I collaborate with engineers, product managers, and design leads to build product features from concept to shipment. My roles span the design cycle and include research, wireframing, interface design, visual design, prototyping, and user-testing.

While my work is under an NDA, I'd be happy to discuss my experiences and learnings in person or at an Interview.

I will be completing my internship in April 2019. Check back for more updates until then!